About GemShield® Jewelry Insurance

The best way to protect jewelry is jewelry insurance. Our coverage is designed to provide extensive protection for your jewelry. And extraordinary flexibility should anything ever happen to it. Get a jewelry insurance quote today.

Comprehensive, Worldwide Coverage

With GemShield jewelry insurance "all risk" coverage, your jewelry is protected from almost every imaginable risk, anywhere in the world while you travel.

Automatic Coverage for New Jewelry

Any new jewelry you purchase while insured through GemShield jewelry insurance receives limited coverage for up to 30 days. And it can be easily added to your policy for full coverage.

Personalized Claims Settlement

If your jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged, we send you back to your jeweler to repair or replace it. Or, if you prefer, use our network of jewelers for a completely personalized experience.

Repair or Replacement of Like Kind & Quality

Repair or replace your jewelry to the same state it was before being damaged, lost, or stolen. Repair or replace brand name jewelry with the same brand name, not a cheaper substitute.

Fantastic coverage, quickly and simply.

Compare GemShield jewelry insurance coverage with other insurance options:

 GemShieldRenter's Policy [1]Homeowner's Policy [1]Jewelry Warranty

What is Covered?

TheftOften limitedOften limited
DamageNot all damageOften limitedLimited; regular inspections required
Gifts to others (e.g. fiancée)Same address onlySame address only
Worldwide coverage
 GemShieldRenter's Policy [1]Homeowner's Policy [1]Jewelry Warranty

Other Features

Flexible coverageUp to $50,000[2]Capped as low as $1,000Capped as low as $1,000 - 5,000Capped at purchase price of jewelry
Flexible deductiblefrom $0 to $1000FixedSame as overall policy
Personalized claims settlementWork with your jewelerJeweler chosen by insurance companyJeweler chosen by insurance companyOnly the jeweler from whom you purchased
DiscountsMultiple, jewelry specificLimited or noneLimited or none
Limited impact of claimsNo impact to other policies you may have (home, renter's, auto)Jewelry-only claim may increase total premium or make jewelry uninsurableJewelry-only claim may increase total premium or make jewelry uninsurableN/A

[1] Typical coverage without additional premium; coverage and terms vary widely across insurers when "scheduling" jewelry on a homeowner's or renter's policy

[2] Higher coverage limits may be available; please contact us to learn more

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