Your customers have a choice

      Customers often believe jewelry can only be insured under a homeowner's policy. After a loss occurs, your customers may feel frustrated when they can't utilize you, their jeweler, to replace a treasured possession. There are often questions of the replacement not meeting the standards and quality of the original piece. Many homeowner's policies may not insure items or schedules over $10,000. THe GemShield® program allows your customers to insure any one item up to $35,000 or any schedule up to $100,000. Larger items or schedules can be considered after review and acceptance of the application.

      Your customers have a choice and so do you! GemShield®, a program offered exclusively through IJB, provides worldwide protection and peace of mind for you and your customers. You can feel confident knowing that any insured loss will be replaced by you. Your customers are assured that they can work with you, the jeweler they trust. 

How the program works

     We provide you with free customer kits that include a folder, application, brochure, rate card and return envelope. Your customer fills out the application, calculates the premium with the provided rates based on the retail sales price plus sales tax, then sign and dates it. You either include a brief description of the item or attach an appraisal or sales receipt. Once the application is in the mail with a check for the full year's premium in the return envelope, your customer is covered as of 12:01 a.m. that day. It's that simple!! They can walk out of the store insured. If there are any questions, your customer calls us directly at 1-866-207-9428.

     Be the first to enroll to become a GemShield® participating jeweler. We will refer anyone who inquired about GemShield®, either from our website or calls from your area, to you. In addition, we will include your store in any future local advertising we may do. We would like to include you in our GemShield® plans. 

GemShield® helps build relationships

     We are interested in helping your bottom line! Every year prior to your customer's renewal date we send a letter advising them to bring their item(s) in for an annual check-up and value assessment. What an opportunity for you to make your customer happy again by selling them another beautiful piece of jewelry. In the event of a loss, your customers will come back to you to have their jewelry repaired or replaced. You will also receive an agreed fee for handling each replacement. 

     Not only can we insure the individual jewelry items that you sell, but customers may also insure other jewelry items they own. They simply bring their other jewelry items to your store for your professional confirmation of the valuation and description and fill out our application. We want to make sure you are able to replace their jewelry if they have a loss. 

Become a participating GemShield® jeweler

     GemShield® coverage is provided by an insurance company licensed in all 50 states. IJB acts as a licensed agent/broker for GemShield®. Please direct any and all questions to us since you are not a licensed insurance agent. 

     You've always offered your customers the finest in quality jewelry. Now you can make available to them the finest in private jewelry insurance as well, at no cost to you. Become part of the GemShield® team!!

     To learn more about GemShield® exclusively through IJB or other insurance products for your store call us at